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What excites business owners, but doesn’t happen often enough?

That’s right — saving money!

How about something even better — saving money while increasing sales?

Introducing my Easiest, Fastest, Most Effective Do-It-Yourself P.R. Programs 

And here’s the best part — any business – whether you sell products or services – can participate!

Let me explain…

Public Relations Has Changed and Offers New Opportunities

In over 17 years of business, I’ve seen many changes in the world of Public Relations.

When I started, I could sit at the desk of an editor, or take that person to lunch, and pitch my client’s products and services.

Or, I could pitch clients over the phone.

Today, I’m lucky if those same people have full-time jobs (many are now freelancers).

And if they actually have a desk at an office, they rarely answer their phones. Of course, many of them work from home and don’t want phone calls.

The media landscape has changed, too. Some well-known print magazines have shut down, and online media outlets are growing rapidly.

But one thing hasn’t changed. P.R. leads to sales!

Opportunities, Please

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed offering affordable and useful Do-it-Yourself P.R. services and products.

But there was one thing that DIYers were often nervous about. You may have guessed it — phone calls.

Many of us hate making or receiving “cold calls.”

But there’s good news!

Most P.R. contact today happens electronically. The biggest obstacle to P.R. pitching has been removed. This presents terrific opportunities for DIYers.

In fact, a recent DIY P.R. client had great success without getting on the phone to media folks. Here are my client’s comments:

“We called into a webinar hosted by Shipstation and presented by Margie. We knew right off the bat that Margie was the right person to work with based on the information she presented. It was all evidence-based data rooted in her work product. We hadn’t intended to pursue P.R. engagement since it wasn’t in the budget of our budding business. After talking to Margie personally and being offered a DIY P.R. option, we felt strongly that her knowledge and experience would be worth our investment.

Margie provided a comprehensive and spot-on media list for our product and crafted a custom media pitch that got the attention of the media. She also provided insider pitching tips that made our publicity efforts more successful.

Our results were amazing! Sales skyrocketed through placements in print magazines (Real Simple, Simply the Best and the Seattle Times), as well as online (ForbesLife, Eating Well,, Lonny, Asbury Park Press), and more. Additional media outlets such as Martha Stewart Living, Fine Cooking, and The Chew requested samples, and we are looking forward to future placements.

We highly recommend Margie’s DIY P.R. programs if you’re willing to put in some effort and want to save money on P.R. services. You can look forward to more sales!”

– Meri Kemp and Carey Portzline, Thread & Whisk,

It’s So Affordable!

Do-it-Yourself P.R. Programs start at $499. That’s not per month. That’s $499 total!

Here’s what you get:

  • A targeted media list with contacts interested in your type of product, service or business
  • A fill-in-the-blank media pitch or a custom pitch written by me you can use to send to the media
  • Easy, step-by-step instructions
  • Insider tips from my over 18 years pitching every type of product, service and business

How Do I Know if This is Right for Me?

Whether you make and sell consumer products, provide professional services, or have an interesting business, I can help!  

As I have several DIY P.R. options, please book a free consult to discuss which option is right for you. All times are U.S. Eastern time. You can book a time here.

Why Should I Start Now?

The longer you wait to start, the longer it will take you to see the positive effects of publicity.

Let us help you reach your goals!

Book your free 15-minute consultation today.​


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