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Battery Back-up

David here: Battery Back-up Once you get past the top headlines on the Middle East and traveling woes due to the terror threat, the next largest news item of the week is Dell and its recall of 4.1 million notebook batteries.  This recall, possibly the largest in the company’s history, is likely to be a …

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Feed Me!

Before I jump into the topic of this entry, Feed Me!, I thought that I would take a moment and introduce myself to you.  I am David Fisher, Margie’s husband.  I am also the new Chief Operating Officer of Zable Fisher Public Relations.  I joined the company in June after fourteen years as an educator.  …

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Travel Problems

The terrorist plan for U.K. planes traveling to the U.S. is incredibly frightening, as seen through the eyes of the media. CNN reports that due to the threat, the Department of Homeland Security is “prohibiting any liquids, including beverages, hair gels, and lotions from being carried on the airplane”. This restriction also means that airline …

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Vanity Ketchup Bottles

There’s lots of money to be made by selling customized products. First of all, it’s a new source of revenue for the product company.  Second, if your customer keeps the item for a long time (think of wine bottles with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date), the branding opportunities are tremendous. Still, I …

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What a Croc

I finally let my husband buy a pair of Crocs the other day.  Much as I was against him buying them, I had a fleeting thought: what if he died and I hadn’t let him get his Crocs?  I guess it was a moment of weakness. Last week I noticed 80% of the kids in …

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First Magazine Cover Story

I was so happy to see my client’s diet featured on the cover of First Magazine (August 28, 2006).  The reason why (besides the obvious) is because it took A YEAR for it to happen. I pitched the story last summer and the editor at the time seemed interested, then she moved to another publication …

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Why I Started a Blog

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a long time, but I finally decided to set one up thanks to two factors: 1) My client, Tim Byrd, of, wanted to set one up, so that made me think that I should get mine up before his and 2) Loren Gray, of, gave …

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