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Make your plans now

Margie and I were just discussing how quickly this year has gone by.  After all, tomorrow is December 1st; 2007 is just around the corner. Not only is this the holiday season, it’s also the time to begin planning for next year.  Except for retail and some service industries, you may be in an industry …

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Why We Love Google Alerts

As I checked my e-mail inbox recently, I noticed that I received several new Google Alerts.  Through this f*ree service, I’m notified by e-mail every time a word or phrase of my choice is picked up by Google’s search engine.  I set up Google Alerts for client names, client industries, media folks, our company name …

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Put Your Best Face Forward

Recently, I took our three-year old daughter to a carnival that planted itself in the parking lot of a local shopping center.  It’s one of these carnivals that show up two or three times a year.  Their business is simple: Drive to a new location according to their schedule, set-up, run the rides, collect the …

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Thanks for the Business

It’s that time of year again.  That’s right.  The time when you start sweating out the details of business holiday gift giving.  Or at least I sweat it out.  It’s pretty stressful for me.  Although when I asked others how they handle the gift-giving process, the answers surprised me. I asked a group of business …

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Splendid Splenda

Yesterday David and I went to lunch at a local restaurant.  This restaurant is part of a large chain of “nice” restaurants.  When I went to put some Splenda in my iced tea, there was every other option, but not Splenda.  I grumpily put something else in my iced tea. When the waitress returned, David …

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Direct Mail and P.R.

I get Dan Kennedy’s newsletters and e-mails about marketing, which I love. I just read something interesting he wrote regarding direct mail. Dan says, “no matter how good the offer is, a single exposure to a given group of prospective customers will have minimal effect. But multiple repeated exposures will have a positive effect disproportionate …

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Kathy Griffin

A group of us girls went to see the Kathy Griffin show in Miami Sunday night.  It was terrific.  Just like her TV specials.  But the coolest part was learning so much about news and pop culture.  Now I consider myself pretty well-read, but Kathy incorporates lots of very specific details that were amazing, and …

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