Mommy blog publicity

Mommy Blog Publicity

After many years of publicity pitching, I’ve come to the conclusion that publicity placements in Mommy blogs are extremely cost-effective, and offer great sales opportunities for small businesses.

Typically, Mommy blogs refer to blogs written by women with at least one child, generally writing about topics of interest to Moms. Often these blogs will contain reviews and giveaways of products and services that will be helpful to other Moms.

Readers of these blogs are eager to check out new products and giveaways, and trust these Mommy bloggers to provide information on great products. This leads to more sales, and more positive exposure for your products.

The best part: for ONLY the cost of sending your product, and sometimes sending another product (if you are offering a giveaway prize), Mommy bloggers (assuming they like your product) will generally provide:

  1. A first-person, descriptive, positive review of your product (if they don’t like your product, they don’t post a review)
  2. Links to your ecommerce website that will generate more traffic, sharing and, most importantly, sales
  3. Traffic to social media sites (some reviewers will list your social media sites in the review)

The icing on the cake: Large product companies realize the value of Mommy bloggers, and work with them all the time. Yet Mommy bloggers are open to submissions from small businesses, and they have the same opportunity to get publicity coverage.

To learn about our upcoming tele-seminar featuring pitching tips from a panel of Mommy bloggers, and to sign up (we have limited space), visit us here.

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    1. Margie Zable Fisher

      Thanks for your kind words, Susan! If your target is not Moms, then we can help you get P.R. for your target market!

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