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Triple the Value of the Content You Create

Create a content calendar

I’m just going to say it. Creating (great) content – articles, blog posts, social media updates and shares, infographics, e-books, video and more — is hard. It takes time, effort, and sometimes, money (if you outsource all or part of it).

But creating content isn’t something that’s optional. In today’s world, creating and sharing content is a must, for any type of business or organization that wants to succeed.

As with any activity that supports your business or organization, you want to get the most out of it. Here are five ways to save time (and of course effort and money) in your content creation and sharing efforts:

  1. Create a Content Calendar. By keeping track of the content you create, as well as the content you’ve sourced from others and shared, you’ll be able to track what works best, as well as making sure you’re not duplicating efforts. It also allows you to effectively manage your daily content activities. If you need help putting together a Content Calendar, just contact me.
  2. Include keywords and links back to your site in all of the content you create. This will maximize your content’s Search Engine Optimization. If you create infographics, don’t forget to embed codes at the bottom of each graphic. Graphics without embedded codes gain only a third of the links vs. graphics with the code.
  3. Spend at least as much time promoting your content as you do creating it. Promote your content through social media as well as traditional marketing channels.
  4. Re-purpose old content. It’s so much easier to update great content. You can also change formats — change an article to an infographic or a blog post into a video.
  5. Spend time on titles and headlines, as well as first lines. With dwindling attention spans, you have to grab a reader or viewer immediately.

These tips will help maximize the time and money you spend creating content. What other tips can you share?

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