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Fun Results of P.R.

I have two fun examples of what P.R. can do for you.

First, I was told by a prospective client the other day that he attended a speech I gave at our local Chamber on P.R. as an “interview” to see if he was interested in talking to me about P.R. services.  He said I passed the interview, because he made an appointment to meet with me. Now I’m a big fan of public speaking, but I just loved the “interview” term he used.  When you’re in business, every time you speak, especially in public, is a potential “interview”.

The other fun P.R. example relates to a P.R. buddy of mine.  This lady was featured in the local daily newspaper for some volunteer work she did.  Soon after I read the article, I thought about a business associate of mine and realized that they were both single and looking, and might be a good match.  So I’m in the process of trying to get them together.  The funny thing is that I know both of them but I never thought of “fixing them up” before. In true P.R. fashion, I thought about her because I was reading her P.R. story, and the timing was perfect, because I was thinking about my business associate a short time later. The lesson:  you never know when a P.R. activity will lead you to realizing your business and personal dreams.

And speaking of dreams, many people dream of being on Oprah. We’ll be doing an Oprah tele-seminar in October. More info is available through our newsletter at

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