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The Secret to P.R. Success

During a recent speaking engagement, I asked the audience if they knew the secret to P.R. success.  The answer is clear.

The secret to P.R. success is consistency.

What about those people who received a big P.R. break on Oprah, or the Today show, or in the Wall Street Journal?  Well, those appearances probably led to a huge spike in product or book sales, or speaking engagements.  But one big break will never sustain you. You must continue to promote yourself and your business.

A good example is a bakery that had a cake that was honored as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things a few years ago.  Based on that one appearance, sales boomed for almost a year.  But after that, sales were steady.  And the bakery is working on additional, ongoing P.R. efforts.

The easiest way to be consistent with your P.R. efforts is to create an annual P.R. plan, with P.R. activities for each month. The P.R. activities can be a combination of publicity, speaking, special events, writing guest columns, newsletters, charity activities, and more.

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