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David here:

Like millions of animal lovers around the world, Margie and I were shocked and saddened to have heard about the very untimely passing of Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter.  I’m sure that you’ve read the news reports about his death, so there’s no need to go into that here.  Although, I do feel compelled to say that we have lost a great and unique individual whose love for all animals will be sorely missed, and extremely hard to replace.

John Stainton, Steve Irwin’s television producer and friend, told the press that Steve died doing what he loved.  I believe that there is a real message there that all of us should consider listening to. 

Here’s what I think it is: None of us are immortal.  And, not wanting to sound too much like the pessimist that I’m not, I do believe that we should live everyday to its fullest.  Love what you do and love those around you.  Drop those grudges that have been hanging on for years and work on starting over.  Be positive in the face of adversity, and let everyone you know see it.  Show your courage, strengths, and your smile to all.  And, don’t forget to laugh at yourself!

It doesn’t matter what animal rules your heart, just find a spot to let one in so we can continue to share our space with them, or perhaps, their space with us.  Steve Irwin did that and worked to make this a better place for all.  Maybe all of us should try and do that too.

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