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Rock Star: Supernova

David here:

I have to admit it; both Margie and I are addicted to Rock Star: Supernova.  If you’re unfamiliar with this television show, here’s the concept.  Fifteen unknown rock singers began a summer television season audition to become the new lead singer of a new rock band called Supernova.  The band was founded by Tommy Lee, of Motley Crue fame, Gilbey Clark, and Jason Newsted.  Each week one of the rockers is eliminated until the new lead singer is chosen.

Every week the rockers face new challenges with their music and performances.  Last week, though, the difficulty of one of the challenges raised the bar:  interviews with the media.  As Margie and I watched the last remaining seven rockers being interviewed, we both had the same thought regarding some of them.  That thought was:  you’ve gone too far!

Here’s why.  One interviewer posed a question to some of the rockers about whether or not they believed that everyone in the competition was serious about earning the Supernova gig.  Of the rockers that we saw answer that question on national television, just about all of them answered with negative things to say about their competitors.

In one of my earlier blogs I included this very topic: don’t slam your competition!  Yes, your competitors are bidding for the same piece of the pie as you are.  Some of your competitors may do some things a bit better than you, while you do some things a bit better than they do.  But, don’t ever slam them!  Your competitors are useful to you, and you to them.  Each of you may fill a need for each other.  Praise your competition and they will thank you.  How?  By sending business to you when they have too much to handle or when you provide a service that they don’t. 

After the interviews were played for all to see, the rockers couldn’t believe what was said about them by their competitors.  Jason Newsted of Supernova was the only band member to comment after the interviews.  Simply put, Jason delivered the same message to the contestant rockers that I’ve already said: don’t slam your competition!

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