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Battery Back-up

David here:

Battery Back-up

Once you get past the top headlines on the Middle East and traveling woes due to the terror threat, the next largest news item of the week is Dell and its recall of 4.1 million notebook batteries.  This recall, possibly the largest in the company’s history, is likely to be a lengthy and cumbersome process.

Or does it have to be?

We just purchased new notebooks for the business, well within the battery recall time window.  Not wanting to have to worry about whether our batteries needed to be sent back or not, and wanting to maintain our normal level of productivity around here, I pulled out the battery from my notebook and went to work.  After using Google to find the Dell Web site for the battery recall, I began to read all of their information.  The information got to be a bit confusing so I scrolled down the page looking for an alternative method of determining if my battery was on its way back to Texas. 

And there it was!  Dell placed a very neat table with all kinds of letters and number inside of it, with many rows and columns for me to feast my eyes on.  Just above it was a clear image of a battery serial number and which portion of that serial number was to be used for the chart.  OK, I thought, all I have to do is find my serial number section in the chart on the Dell site.  I didn’t see it there, but I didn’t feel as though I had completed my search.  So, onward I went!

At the bottom of the page with the chart I found a link to a search function using the PPID from the battery, or for the rest of us, the normal serial number.  After following the link, I found myself looking at another diagram of a battery serial number.  Underneath this image was a form that could be filled in with the serial number of my battery.  I started entering the serial from my battery, with instant tabs included on the page, and in no time at all, I was done.  I went to the bottom of the page and chose the Submit option.  A few seconds later, I received my answer:  No battery recall needed. 

The entire process of removing the battery to searching for my answer to inserting the battery again took me about 10 minutes.  That’s not a lot of time out of my day, or yours, for that matter.  I think that Dell did a great job of getting to the airwaves with this issue immediately to let consumers know that there is a potential problem with their product.  But, I think that the online check could have been easier and streamlined.  Or, maybe I made my process harder than it had to be. 

In the end, the process wasn’t that lengthy, but it was a bit cumbersome.   

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