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NFL and Super Bowl Public Relations Opportunities

The Super Bowl presents many companies with excellent opportunities to get P.R. (and don’t forget that the most expensive television advertising rates are offered during this event).

Zable Fisher Public Relations is pleased to announce our strategic alliance with Concierge Connection, the Official Concierge for the NFL VIPs during the 2007 Super Bowl in Miami.

We are able to offer opportunities for companies of all sizes to get exposure to NFL folks.

Here are some of the P.R. opportunities available:

– Small, medium and high-end gifts for Welcome Bags and Goody Bags for the NFL team owners, executives, coaches, and other VIPs. Some gifts should be Florida-specific (oranges, shell jewelry, etc.), and other gifts can be from local or national vendors (spa services, gadgets, high-end jewelry, etc.)

– Restaurant sponsorships (South Florida counties only) – includes inclusion on Web site, signage, reservations, events, etc.

– South Florida service providers of all kinds to be available upon request from the NFL VIPs (personal trainers, limousine services, spa services, concierges, etc.)

– Super Bowl volunteers (must be 18 or older)

These are great opportunities to get NFL exposure.  If you’re interested in one or more of these opportunities, please e-mail us with “Super Bowl” in your Subject Line at

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