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Feed Me!

Before I jump into the topic of this entry, Feed Me!, I thought that I would take a moment and introduce myself to you.  I am David Fisher, Margie’s husband.  I am also the new Chief Operating Officer of Zable Fisher Public Relations.  I joined the company in June after fourteen years as an educator.  To learn some more things about me, please visit our Web site, www.zfpr.com, and click on the About Us button.  Thank you for taking a few minutes to read our blog, and we look forward to your comments.  And, you will find both Margie and I contributing content here on a regular basis.  So, enjoy!

Here goes!

Feed Me!  No, I’m not referring to that famous line uttered frequently by the ever-growing plant in The Little Shop of Horrors.  What I’m talking about here is RSS or XML or Really Simple Syndication.  And, I’m proud to say that Zable Fisher Public Relations’ blog, Practical P.R., is now on a feed!  To access it as a feed, simply go to our web site, www.zfpr.com, and below the Blog button you’ll find the RSS button for this blog.  Click on that button and off you go.  Once the page loads from Feedburner, the company that is feeding our blog, you can sign up for our blog from any of the choices in the upper right hand corner.  It couldn’t be easier!

I wasn’t familiar with the process of setting up a feed, let alone signing up for one.  So, I signed up for ours.  Feedburner gives you a large selection of aggregator programs that will allow the feed to come to you.  They have links to AOL, Yahoo, and Google to name just a few.

I chose to use Google, and was I really surprised!  After clicking on the Google option, you are moved to a Google page that gives you two options: Make Google your homepage or use a Google reader software.  I chose to make Google my homepage, and was very impressed.  By following some very simple steps, Google took the feed and placed it onto a page with top headlines, weather, time, and their usual search functions.  After spending a few minutes looking at the page, I came to discover that there are about 100 other things that can be added to your Google homepage for free: Dictionary services, translation, money calculators, thoughts and jokes of the day, temperature, time, video, and a whole lot more!  I didn’t add any more to my homepage, but I now know where to find out how to translate our blog from English to Mandarin Chinese if we need to.

Now there’s no reason for any of you to miss out on any of our blog entries.  Go and take a few minutes to sign up. 

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read my first entry.  I look forward to sharing more thoughts with you.  Again, please share your comments with us, and have a great Monday!

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