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Travel Problems

The terrorist plan for U.K. planes traveling to the U.S. is incredibly frightening, as seen through
the eyes of the media.

CNN reports that due to the threat, the Department of Homeland Security is “prohibiting
any liquids, including beverages, hair gels, and lotions from being carried on the airplane”. This
restriction also means that airline passengers around the country should show up at least two
hours early for all flights, according to an official with the Transportation Security Administration.

I can guarantee you that the media will make this the focus of their coverage for a while.  So
how can you tap into this event to offer help to the public and get publicity?

Here are some ideas:

– Travel agents can offer ideas on how and what to pack to quickly get through security with carry-ons.

– Body lotion and hair gel makers could hire people to provide sample sizes free of charge to
dis-embarking passengers at U.S. airports, for those people who had to get rid of lotion and gel
in their carry-ons, or who are only traveling with carry-ons.

– Non-airline travel options (cruises, buses, trains, etc.) can explain what they’re doing to
prevent terrorist activity, and if they will offer the same precautions as airlines. They can also
discuss if they think they will get additional business from people who don’t want to travel
by plane.

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  1. One of the ethos of my business is to encourage people to take time out, be less stressed with my gourmet green teas (they blossom when brewed to reveal a flower on the inside). I did think of putting out a press release with the title – keep the stress at bay with China’s Secret teas.
    However, wouldn’t this be tacky and capitalising on a near unfortunate event? Is the link too tenuous to piggyback on this ‘incident’?

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