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Vanity Ketchup Bottles

There’s lots of money to be made by selling customized products. First of all, it’s a new source of revenue for the product company.  Second, if your customer keeps the item for a long time (think of wine bottles with the bride and groom’s name and wedding date), the branding opportunities are tremendous.

Still, I had to laugh when I read about vanity ketchup bottles in today’s USA Today.  Heinz ketchup will now let you put a personal message on its bottles, for up to $6 a bottle. 

Now I understand the chocolate stuff. You know — M&Ms with personalized messages, and customized Hershey bars.  I mean, for parties, weddings, new babies, even business gifts, the personalized candy makes sense.  But ketchup?  I can’t imagine handing out Heinz bottles with my daughter’s name on it for birthday party favors, or my company name on it to clients.  Wait a minute.  Maybe I could give them away with my company name to restaurant prospects.  Now that’s a tasty idea.

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