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What a Croc

I finally let my husband buy a pair of Crocs the other day.  Much as I was against him buying them, I had a fleeting thought: what if he died and I hadn’t let him get his Crocs?  I guess it was a moment of weakness.

Last week I noticed 80% of the kids in the pediatrics waiting room (including my daughter) were wearing Crocs.  If for some strange reason you don’t know what Crocs are, they are those rubbery clogs that everyone’s wearing.  They’re supposed to be super comfortable, but I think they’re hideously ugly (at least on adults – on some kids they’re pretty cute).

At a barbeque with friends and kids last night, I mentioned to my friend that my husband had gotten Crocs.  She told me that her husband bought her Crocs for her birthday.  She then said that when her sister moved to Colorado a while back that Crocs were all the rage.  Maybe because of all those outdoorsy folks. Or the fact that Crocs is headquartered there.

From a P.R. perspective, I marvel at the spread of Crocs.  This is word-of-mouth marketing at the ultimate level.  Yet it also offers possibilities for other products.  If a shoe is ultra-comfortable, it doesn’t seem to matter what it looks like, for a large part of the population.  Of course for me, the ultimate product would be a stylish, ultra-comfortable shoe. That’s something I’d be happy to promote.

2 thoughts on “What a Croc”

  1. Hi, I’m based in Los Angeles and Crocs are the main brand sponsoring the traveling AVP volleyball tournaments.

    I don’t consider this brand a great PR story, but more a great case of what can happen when a company has money to burn in sponsoring events that target their demographic.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen any print ads for them, or any stories in print for them, but they are a pervasive brand influence at any beach function in the South Bay, CA.

    I agree. They’re hideous. But if enough people wear them and enough people see them, then they’re going to catch on.

    I just happen to know for a fact that they are throwing money around like crazy right now to get the word out. That to me isn’t PR, but event marketing, an aspect of PR.

    So, that’s my two-cents. I’m enjoying your newsletter!
    Joy Kennelly
    The Joy Writer PR & Marketing

  2. It’s hard not to look at someone wearing Crocs and wonder, “If they are willing to wear something so ugly, they must be really darn comfortable.” I’ve been afraid to try them on, for fear that I might really like them. Volkswagon exploded into pop culture by playing up their ugliness. I’m more curious to see how they keep the brand fresh and new. There is a reason parachute pants didn’t last – and they were both comfortable and ugly.

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