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Real Simple Online Placement – Ballpark Blueprints

Posted May 24, 2016 by Margie Zable Fisher Comment

Ballpark Blueprints makes great products for sports lovers! They were recently featured in, in a feature titled, “56 Father’s Day Gift Ideas.”

The new t-shirts were featured:


The t-shirts and mugs, as well as framed artwork, feature blueprints of your favorite arenas, stadiums and courses, for Major League Baseball, Golf, Professional Football, College Football and Soccer. Check out Ballpark Blueprints for your Dad and Grad gift needs.

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2016 Free Holiday Gift Guide Publicity and P.R. Webinar

Posted May 12, 2016 by Margie Zable Fisher Comment

Are fourth quarter sales important to you? If so, Holiday Gift Guide publicity placements should be important to you, too.


Why are Holiday Gift Guide Editorial Placements so Important?

The fourth quarter holiday season is the time when most people are in “buying” mode. Publicity placements that occur during that time can (and have) led to thousands, even tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

Now is the Time to Pitch the Media for Holiday Gift Guide Placements

Since most major magazines have a 4-6 month lead time, all major magazines have summertime deadlines for Holiday Gift Guide publicity pitches.

Learn How to Get Holiday Gift Guide Editorial Placements During Our Free Webinar, Sponsored by ShipStation

Thanks to client and ecommerce shipping solution ShipStation for sponsoring this webinar!

Sign up here for our free Webinar on Thursday, June 16, 2016, at 1 p.m. Eastern.

What Will You Learn on this Webinar?

I will be the host of this Webinar, and have owned a P.R. company focusing on small business, ecommerce and product P.R. for over 15 years. My clients have been featured in top media, including O (The Oprah) Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Us Weekly, USA Today, Good Morning America, and thousands more. You can learn more about me, here. I work with top media folks every day, and from them, and from experience, I can share tips that will help maximize your Holiday Gift Guide coverage.  Here are some things you’ll learn on the Webinar:

  • Insider tips from top magazine Holiday Gift Guide editors
  • How to make a so-so item become a Wow! media-worthy item
  • This year’s media hot buttons for Holiday Gift Guide coverage
  • Why your product’s price point is so important and the key price points the media is looking for
  • Typical mistakes and how to correct them
  • The five pieces of information you must include in your pitch to make it successful
  • Examples of successful product placements – and why they got in
  • And much more!

Who Should Participate on this Webinar?

  • Ecommerce companies
  • Product manufacturers
  • Retailers

You can sign up for this free Holiday Gift Guide Publicity and P.R. webinar now. But hurry, there’s limited space. We’ll send you the call-in information closer to the time of the call. You can sign up here.

We hate spam as much as you do. Your information will never be rented, traded or sold.

What’s a Webinar?

A webinar is a live meeting that takes place over the web. Participants can view documents and applications via their computers, while shared audio allows for presentation and discussion.

What Will You Need to Participate in This Webinar?

Just two items:

  • A phone (you’ll call into a conference line)
  • A computer with Internet access (you’ll click on a link to join the Webinar and view the presentation)

There is limited space available, so Sign Up Now. You Can Sign Up here.

I look forward to catching up with you on the webinar!

Warmest Regards,

Margie Zable Fisher

President, Zable Fisher Public Relations

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Holiday Gift Guide Placement – Us Magazine –

Posted December 15, 2014 by Margie Zable Fisher Comment

What makes a great stocking stuffer?  Walking Dead playing cards, of course!  Featured in the December 22, 2014 issue of Us Magazine, from


US Weekly Dec 2014 (2)

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Soberdough Holiday Gift Guide Placement –

Posted December 2, 2014 by Margie Zable Fisher Comment

Everyone loves Soberdough!  Just add beer to the mix, bake, and you have delicious, gourmet bread! agrees! The site recently featured Soberdough in its Holiday Gift Guide:



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Made in the U.S.A. Gift – Sweet & Saucy Featured in Yes! Holiday Gift Guide

Posted December 2, 2014 by Margie Zable Fisher Comment

Introducing melt-in-your mouth, gourmet caramel and chocolate sauces from Sweet & Saucy, made in Colorado.

Whether you want a quick way to “dress up” a dessert, or a unique baked dish using one of the Sweet & Saucy recipes, these sauces get the job done!

The sauces were featured in the “Made in the U.S.A.” gifts section of the USA Today Premium Publication’s shopping guide, “Yes!” which is circulated weekly in over 80 of Gannett’s community newspapers across the country:


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Soberdough Featured in DRAFT Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide

Posted December 1, 2014 by Margie Zable Fisher Comment

Calling all beer lovers!  Soberdough makes a great holiday gift!

Draft Soberdough Placement 3 (2)

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Soberdough Placement – Yes! Shopper

Posted November 24, 2014 by Margie Zable Fisher Comment

Introducing another delicious mix from Soberdough – Pumpkin Spice!  Featured in the Yes! Shopper, which is circulated weekly with all of Gannett’s community newspapers across the country.

Soberdough - Pumpkin Spice

Soberdough – Pumpkin Spice

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Holiday Gift Guide Placement – Family Circle Magazine

Posted November 19, 2014 by Margie Zable Fisher Comment

Congrats to client Shangri-La Tea!  The December, 2014 issue of Family Circle featured the delicious, tea-infused chocolate in its Holiday Gift Guide!

Family Circle Mag Cover

Page 78

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Holiday Gift Guide Pitching and Publicity Tips from David Moye, Huffington Post Weird News

Posted October 17, 2014 by Margie Zable Fisher Comment

Over the years I’ve pitched ideas and communicated with David Moye, who has a 25-year background in news with a specialty in weird news, which made him a perfect fit for his position as a Staff Writer at Huffington Post Weird News.  The Internet and social media have made weird news and products more popular than ever.

In addition to his daily news posts on drunken zombies and people arrested for aggressive mopping (yes, that’s mopping), Moye writes five Weird Huffington Post Gift Guides each year, for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  The Weird Gift Guides are very popular, receiving an average of over a million impressions.


Products featured in his Gift Guides often see a jump in sales.  “One year I included a $350 wine holder made out of a cow’s hoof.  The owner told me he sold 170 of them solely from being featured in my Gift Guide,” notes Moye. That’s almost $60,000 in sales from one placement!

While he looks for very specific types of products (the ones that make you say, “That’s the worst gift ever. I’m getting it for my uncle,” Moye quips, he recently shared some universal pitching tips:

1. The number one mistake product companies make when pitching products is bad product photography.

“My guides (and Gift Guides in general) are photo driven. I need cheesy photos that explain what the product does in one shot without writing. It’s best if you can see a person using the product, not just a photo of a product in the package.”

2.  Tied for first place in pitching mistakes is pitching a product that’s not a fit for the piece.

“Telling me you have a weird product in the first sentence and then cutting and pasting the boiler-plate pitch you send to normal news outlets, with products you describe as “sentimental” or “heartwarming” is an obvious example,” notes Moye.

“I want my mouth to drop or my eyebrows to raise when I see a product,” says Moye.  “A reaction like WTF is what I’m hoping for.”

3. Don’t penny-pinch on product samples.

“It’s a pain in the neck to send back samples.  Unless you have a really expensive or one-of-a-kind product, don’t tell me you need the sample back.  It’ll make me think twice about including it,” Moye asserts.

4. Follow pitching instructions.

Moye often posts on HARO (Help a Reporter Out).  He usually includes instructions on how to pitch him.  Here is an example from his recent request:

40) Summary: Looking for weird and wacky Christmas gifts


Name: David Moye The Huffington Post

Category: Lifestyle and Fitness 

Media Outlet: The Huffington Post

Deadline: 7:00 PM EST – 4 October

Every year, I do a guide of weird and wacky Christmas gifts for
Huffington Post. Help me make this year’s guide the weirdest.

1. Please review my previous weird Christmas gift guides. You
can find them by going to the HuffPost site and doing this:
“David Moye” + “weird Christmas gifts.” Last year’s guide
included a crime scene terrarium and a Santa Claus costume for
hamsters. Help me make this guide even weirder 2. Good photos
are crucial. I prefer photos showing humans using the product
(the cheesier the better). WARNING: HARO strips out photos so
let me know if you have good photos. 3. If your product only
qualifies as “quirky” or “unusual,” don’t pitch — helpful
keywords for me include “weird,” “crazy,” bizarre,” “stupid,”
“asinine,” “wacky” and “delusional client.” 4. Send complete
product detail in the body of the email. Don’t send only the
link and say “click on this.” 5. My gift guides average 1
million page views. 6. Yeah, that’s a lot. 7. No, I don’t anyone
at another section who is working on a normal gift guide. 8. No,
I’m not interested in interviewing your client about the
product. As you know from the extensive research you’ve done,
you are aware it’s a photo-driven gallery with a few pithy

In a typical HARO request, Moye will receive 100 pitches, “Most of the people who pitch don’t read these instructions, which is why only about 10 of the pitches contain products that are viable for the Gift Guide.”

Last but not least, I’ll end with my favorite answer from David to one of my questions:   

5. What wording do you like to see in Subject Lines?

“I’m actually familiar with your work and didn’t get your name off a mailing list.”

(He’s still waiting to get that one!)

We hope these tips lead to more successful pitching and media placements.

Thanks to David for an entertaining and informative interview!  You can check out his posts at the Huffington Post here.

Oh, and if you’re interested in more information on Holiday Gift Guide P.R., you can get it here.